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Guide Buy Used Motorcycles Suzuki Satria F-150

Since it was first released in 2004, Suzuki Satria FU-150 is a lot to be the target of young people and lovers of speed. With a 150 cc DOHC engine 6-speed transmission and supported a light weight, making this motor can run fast. His expertise is also evident from the overall winner Indoprix 2014 coronation class IP150

From the initial launch, the motor which has a production code FU is somewhat not make significant changes, only the head lamp and display sector alone. The machine that carried still apply carburetor system.

Even so demand is never lonely, because arguably FU has no rivals in its class. Before buying in resale condition, good first check several components. Problem Satria F usually exist on cam tensioner, if it is hit, then the sound of the engine so it sounds rough
harga motor satria fu

Usually it happens when flying hours already high.,this motor also does not have a luggage storage under the seat which normally function to put a raincoat. Then the fuel consumption is also quite a bit wasteful, because they have to pay for the performance of the machine are presented Satria F-150.

Next, be careful in the treatment of analog-digital speedometer. Because, once found shorting problem or error when washing with pressurized water tinggi.price used motorcycles sold in the market for an alert in 2014 was around Rp 16.5 million to USD 17.5 million. Among other Suzuki Satria F-150 has a pretty good resale value