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Specifications Yamaha new vixion lightning

is an option all societies, because the price is affordable. Vixion a new Yamaha sport bike which became the idol of young people because its design is seductive. These motors are tough and the treatment is not too bothersome, besides many aftermarket accessories that we can pair that are not easily bored using this yamaha motor sport. For 2015 it has been a lot of news stating there would be a new vixion with DOHC engine system, well let's wait the good news.

With more fresh new striping design you can choose and also special edition Moto GP 2014 (Blue color), but certainly with the same machine, because the change of the color selection alone. The claim is deemed to have yamaha motors from the motor YZF Series DNA can increase the sense of asking buyers to try out the latest Yamaha motor sport variant of this, and of course will review the current author.

Yamaha new vixion
Convenient and economical, and the machine is not noisy little advantage that we can, yes Although yamaha new vixion their lightning speed using five different gear motors pesaingnya.Yamaha this year gives 4 new colors that can be used as an option, the variant of Arna Red Lightning (Red), Black Bolt (Black), Purple Strike (Purple), and White Flash (White).

Ridertua dot com quoted in terms of specifications & nbsp; mesinada difference with the old vixion, Old Vixion have power 15.09 PS, and New Vixion own 16.59 PS at 8,500 rpm. yamaha new vixion with SOHC 4 valve liquid cooled and has a new 5-speed transmisi.namun is a pull system pull the throttle body and ECU with 33 pins using more precise. Fuel pump is also already using the type-efficient brushless electric motors make it sophisticated.

Many enthusiasts yamaha motor can be proven from the sighting on the streets who use this new harga yamaha vixion. indeed for its modern design, comfortable, care is not difficult, and very economical lot captivate the hearts of many young children and the elderly. Differences of Old Vixion you can see in the table below: