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Honda Sonic 150R, Lively, Light and Comfortable

After a fairly long-awaited finally New Honda Sonic 150 R is also officially pave the streets some time ago. After officially slid certainly many people who feel curious for speedily feel the pleasure of driving with the new Honda Sonic 150R. While doing First Ride Sonic New Honda 150R is the first touch is felt that pleasure when driving because it directly served circuitry padded seat that makes the rider feel cool. As well as putting his hand on the handlebar, then briefly feeling of riding a Suzuki Satria indeed been felt.

It is certainly reasonable because the design is carried New Honda Sonic 150R design DNA is still carrying the old rooster. With a height of 175 cm it feels good to ride the new Honda Sonic 150R is because the foot can tread firmly on the ground. When the New Honda Sonic 150R engine is turned on, the sound of the engine and exhaust also looks so smooth and soft.

When gas is getting digeber, tachometer display looks so responsive without appearing any lag. When First Ride New Honda Sonic 150R in the round continued until 6000-7000 rpm, the new Honda 150R Sonic is starting to show Gerungan sound and vibration significantly. The second suspension is also still feels smooth and soft so it is still safe to drive even though pasa damaged roads. And better yet, the New Honda Sonic 150R does not produce noise due to the sound of chains are pitted with potholes swingram when bulldoze roads or bumps.

For sector performance when doing First Ride Sonic New Honda 150R is quite satisfactory, even when lauched to exceed limiternya, New Honda Sonic 150R still feels comfortable and stable. Even New Honda Sonic 150R is also quite convenient to use on the streets crowded and congested, because New Honda Sonic 150R is capable of driving with agile and light when used for dark skid though.